Cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction

Weed and Hashish are both physically and mentally addictive. Unfortunately, through misinformation, many people think that this is not the case. On this page we will give you information on the addictiveness of Cannabis, and how to recognize and deal with a Cannabis addiction.

How addictive is Cannabis?

On average 9% of all cannabis users become addicted to the substance. Even though weed and hashish are often regarded to as non-addictive substances new research has shown the opposite. In the Netherlands alone each year 10.000 people seek professional help for their cannabis addiction. The problem of cannabis addiction is thus more eminent than most people know and/or recognize. It is thus of importance to educate people about the negative effects that can arise because of cannabis abuse. Cannabis addiction is subdivided in two categories: physical addiction and mental addiction. Mental addiction is typically described as a loss to fully relax and/or have fun without the use of cannabis. Physical addiction on the other hand is often recognized through various physical symptoms that emerge after quitting cannabis usage.

How to prevent a Cannabis addiction

Doctors strongly advice that one only uses cannabis products when he/she is in a good place, both physically as well as mentally. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to never use cannabis when you have family members that suffer from psychoses. If you do decide to use cannabis you should always use it with moderation. Use it in your free time, and certainly not every day.

Symptoms of a Cannabis Addiction

Users that are addicted to cannabis often experience the same problematic symptoms. These symptoms are:

  • Not being able to go to sleep without using cannabis
  • Bags under eyes regardless of the amount of sleep
  • Having a hard time maintaining school/work obligations
  • Problems with keeping your balance
  • Bad memory

If you recognize these symptoms it’s strongly advised to seek professional help. If you’re unsure about your situation you can use this website to fill out some test forms that will give you insight in your usage: . In the Netherlands there are various free options for treating cannabis addiction, as all treatments for cannabis addiction are covered by your basic health insurance. Some of these options are:

If you are unsure on whether this is a necessary step for you, we would strongly recommend calling one of the agencies listed in the above, as they can offer a professional perspective on your cannabis usage.