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Marijuana & Hashish

Marijuana & Hashish information center

On this page you will find all information about the different Marijuana and Hash strains that we have tested over the years. For example, we have collected a lot of information per type and you can see per type how much THC and CBD is in the product and what effects and flavors you can expect!

PLEASE NOTE: The offer in our coffee shops is not the same as the types of Marijuana & Hashish below.

With more than 30 years of experience, Coffeeshop Relax is an essential part of Amsterdam. Both tourists and Amsterdammers have known us for years.

A cozy and casual atmosphere is our priority. Just like an attractive, fresh look. Take a seat in our living room, and relax with a joint, space brownie or (of course) a delicious cup of coffee.

The most extraordinary cannabis strains pass through our hands every day.  You understand: our passion for weed and hash is sky high.

Coffeeshop Relax
Coffeeshop Relax