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With a first place for their Silver Haze at the first edition of the Jack Herer Cup in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam coffee shop Relax once again demonstrated that their range is of top quality & nbsp; . Add to that their unique quality mark and QR code from a test lab for their offer, and you understand why more and more people are finding both locations of Relax in Amsterdam.

In May, the first organized the Jack Herer Cup in the Netherlands. A few years ago this cannabis competition was set up in Las Vegas to honor the legendary Jack Herer. He was one of the most incensed weed connoisseurs and growers in the world. Every blower must have smoked one of their kinds. And we recommend everyone to his famous book & lsquo; The Emperor Wears No Clothes & rsquo; read it.

The American Jack Herer had a special relationship with Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It is partly thanks to pioneers such as him that we have such a high-quality cannabis culture in the Netherlands. Much of the knowledge about growing weed can be traced back to Jack Herer. That is why it is only logical that a Jack Herer Cup was also organized in our own country. A good number of shops submitted their best products for the various categories in which a prize could be achieved. There was a professional jury and there were judges, but visitors to the participating coffee shops were also able to cast their votes.

Coffee shop Relax was the first in the Sativa category. to win a prize with their Silver Haze. A great result of course, and every reason for the Relax team to be proud. With great cheers, they picked up their first prize at the Jack Herer Cup award ceremony at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam. With a cruise on the canals and a visit to the new Cannabis Museum on Damstraat in Amsterdam, it was a wonderful day that ended in a particularly festive way for the coffee shop Relax.

Unique properties
Thanks to the unique quality mark and QR code, consumers can immediately see the unique features of a particular purchase in the branches of the Relax coffee shop in Amsterdam Center and Amsterdam South. Take this award-winning Silver Haze. If you have scanned the QR code, you will be taken directly to the results of the Cannabytics test laboratory. Not only can you see if you consume clean weed without pesticides, but you can also read all about the effects of certain species and get results beyond the decimal point of important cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This Silver Haze is respectively 18.07% (THC) and 0.11% (CBD).

But, as they like to emphasize at the coffee shop Relax , there is more than just THC or CBD in cannabis. The research reports elaborate on the presence and percentages of the terpenes. More and more is known about terpenes and the major influence they have on cannabis and the effects of cannabis. That is why you will read more about the workings and the importance of terpenes in a coming issue.

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