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The artistic heritage, narrow houses is what makes Amsterdam a beautiful place to visit. It is a complete beauty in its own. Needless to say, the world famous capital of Holland- Amsterdam is not only famous for its infrastructure but also because you find the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Famous amongst the cannabis tourists, we don’t want them to miss the exploration of the amazing attractions which can be visited after they have enjoyed the joints or marijuana in some famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam. So, here are the places one can visit:

  1. The famous Helicopter ride:

It’s time for you to exit the coffeeshop in Amsterdam and take this trippy helicopter ride. We bet it will be one of your best experiences in here. Be ready to click amazing pictures, see the entire layout of Amsterdam from the sky and imbibe the gorgeous beauty of the Tulip fields and farms which make Amsterdam beautiful.

  1. The canal cruise:

Declared as one of the most romantic cities in Europe and famously called the ‘Venice of the North’, Amsterdam has a lot of things in store for you. Famous for its canal infrastructure the canal cruise rides are other attraction for the tourists.

As you have enjoyed the marijuana from a coffeeshop in Amsterdam you need to relax and just go with the flow. What better than a cruise ride?
The canal cruise offers dinner cruise, candlelight canal cruise, cruise through the museum square etc.

After exploring a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, canal cruise is the attraction which should not be missed.

  1. Amsterdam Dungeon:

Entry into a horror show right after and exit from a coffeeshop in Amsterdam? Adventurous! Right? Do not miss this experience.

Complete darkness where one can barely see something. The thrill that runs through your nerves witnessing the horror show after exploring a calm, poised and luxurious coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a major transformation of the mood.
This theatre show depicts the 500 years old history of the Dutch with the best light and sound effects. They actually bring it to real!

  1. Experience the Heineken:

How about if you get to smell beer smell around? Imagine, experiencing a coffeeshop in Amsterdam and then experiencing the world of beer in one of the most popular beer museums of Heineken in Amsterdam.

Words won’t explain the feel until and unless you go and witness it yourself.

  1. Visit the Body Worlds in Amsterdam:

This may not sound interesting to many of you. But it is one of sites explored by the tourists and specially the cannabis right after they enjoy a joint at some coffeeshop in Amsterdam. More than 200 real human dead bodies are placed in here just to depict the link between physical and emotional state of a human mind and body.

All the above mentioned places are a must go if you are in Amsterdam. But do not forget to visit the popularity of the city- A coffeeshop in Amsterdam!