Prepare for an explosion of orange as Amsterdam gears up for the grand celebration of King's Day!

This massive city-wide party honors King Willem Alexander's birthday on April 27th, 2024. Picture a vibrant city teeming with revelers clad in orange, energetic streets, and canals brimming with decorated boats and lively music.

Rooted in Dutch history and culture, this holiday, previously known as Queen's Day, pays tribute to the King. Amsterdam transforms into a daylong celebration, with Dam Square and charming canals bustling with flea markets, lively street parties, and captivating boat parades.

Whether you're a first-time attendee or an experienced King's Day enthusiast, this event offers something for all. Don your orange attire, groove to vibrant melodies, and immerse yourself in the infectious energy of King's Day.

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Why are all these people dressed up in orange?

On King's Day, Amsterdam turns into a sea of orange. This is all because of the Dutch national color. Orange is closely associated with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau, who have a deep connection to the country's history. In short: it's the king's birthday!

When King's Day comes around, Amsterdam becomes an orange wonderland. People of all ages wear their brightest orange outfits to show their national pride and celebrate the rich royal heritage of the Netherlands.

The Biggest party of the Netherlands is in Amsterdam

While the king's birthday is celebrated throughout the Netherlands, Amsterdam stands out as the epicenter of the festivities. The city comes alive with an array of events, street parties, and cultural happenings that draw crowds from all corners of the globe.

King's Day vs. Queen's Day - King Willem Alexander and the Dutch royal family

In 2013, "Queen's Day" became "King's Day" when King Willem Alexander became the Netherlands' first male monarch in a century. A tradition that started with Quee­n Juliana to Queen Beatrix to now King Willem Ale­xander, all of these royals have had their birthday celebrated by the whole country.

This means that all the king's day activities now take place on...

Amsterdam King's Day celebration date: Saturday, April 27, 2024

Note the date: Saturday, April 27, 2024, when Amsterdam transforms into a vibrant hub for King's Day. Brace yourself for a multitude of events and festivities designed to enthrall people of all ages.

In what follows we'll give an overview of all the different activities, parties, and other fun things to do during this holiday.

People flock to the flea market (free market)

The first thing that happens during King's Day: Amsterdam transforms into a shopper's paradise with a bustling flea market in every corner. On this national holiday, the Amsterdam authorities allow for a free market on the streets where everyone can set up shop. Give yourself a head start by arriving early, cause the dutch people tend to treat bargains at the flea markets very serious!

Discover hidden gems and unique treasures as you navigate through the throngs of eager bargain hunters. Expect an eclectic mix of stalls offering everything from nostalgic vintage attire to whimsical trinkets, making this market experience both thrilling and rewarding.

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Boat Parade on the canals

Embark on a captivating journey through Amsterdam's canals during the King's Day festivities. Marvel at the vibrant Boat Parade, where watercraft of every size and style showcase intricate orange embellishments. As they glide along the waterways, the boats create a kaleidoscope of colors, complementing the city's historic architecture.

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The King and The Queen meet the people

One of the highlights of King's Day is the opportunity to catch a glimpse of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima as they mingle with the crowds. Keep an eye out for their appearances at public events and festivities throughout the city.

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They won't be appearing in the Amsterdam city centre though! This year you'll have to visit the beautiful city of Emmen to celebrate Willem Alexander's birthday with the king himself.

Everyone dances the day away at King's Day parties

Amsterdam's streets pulse with energy as revelers dance to live music and DJs spinning tunes at King's Day parties. From open-air stages to cozy pubs, the city offers a diverse array of festivals and events catering to every taste.

On the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, amidst a sea of hair orange and dazzling orange clothing, King's Day parties beckon both locals and tourists alike. The random parties that King's Day in Amsterdam provide are unlike any other city in the Netherlands. The sheer amount of people is just staggering!

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Photo by Abinash Satapathy on Unsplash

This 27th of April marks a special day when public spaces transform into lively dance floors, filled with the sounds of music festivals and the clinking of glasses with the occasional limits on alcoholic beverages.

As Amsterdam becomes the ultimate popular destination for celebration, party-goers can hop from one festivity to another, enjoying the festive atmosphere while sipping on an occasional Dutch alcoholic beverage (bier!). Amidst the revelry, public toilets are strategically placed to ensure convenience, though they might be a bit busy this time around.

Party on a Boat

For a truly unique King's Day celebration, consider joining a boat party along Amsterdam's picturesque canals. Dance beneath the stars as you cruise past historic landmarks, surrounded by fellow party-goers and the infectious spirit of the holiday.

Partying on a boat during Kings Day in Amsterdam offers an unparalleled experience of the city's vibrant celebrations. Glide along the picturesque canals, surrounded by historic architecture and cheerful crowds, as live music fills the air. From the unique vantage point of the water, revelers can soak in the festive atmosphere while enjoying drinks and dancing under the open sky.

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Koningsnacht — The Night Before King's Day

The festivities kick off in earnest with Koningsnacht (King's Night), the night before King's Day. Amsterdam's bars, clubs, and streets come alive with pre-celebrations, giving visitors a taste of the excitement to come.

Exploring King's Night is a must for tourists seeking an authentic Dutch celebration. The city comes alive with a vibrant energy as bars, clubs, and streets pulse with music and excitement. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture, mingle with friendly locals, and experience the anticipation building up to the main event.

King's Night offers a taste of Amsterdam's nightlife at its best, with live performances, DJ sets, and lively street parties creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Public Transport in Amsterdam during King's Day

The best way to reach the heart of the celebrations is by train, offering a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. However, on King’s Day itself, expect modified routes with buses and trams running only up to the outskirts of the city center, and metro stations at Nieuwmarkt and RAI closed.

Most restrictions on buses, trams, and taxis are lifted late into the night of King's Day, providing ample opportunities for exploration. Check the GVB website (in Dutch) or their online trip planner (available in English) for more information on routes and schedules.

Traveling from afar? Train services will have modified timetables on the evening of April 26th and King’s Day itself to accommodate the increased volume of celebrants.

For those arriving or departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, trains will be running, but it's advisable to allow extra travel time. Keep in mind that there will be no trams in the city center and taxis cannot be reserved. Consider checking alternative stations for smoother travel experiences.

Book your King's Day Hotel on time!

With visitors flocking to Amsterdam for King's Day, it's essential to book your accommodations early. Whether you prefer a cozy boutique hotel or a stylish apartment, securing your stay in advance ensures you'll have a comfortable retreat amidst the festivities.

Traditional Games and Activities on King's Day

As the city transforms into a playground of orange, join locals and visitors alike in time-honored Dutch pastimes. From "Koekhappen" (bite the cookie) to "Spijkerpoepen" (nail in the bottle), these quirky games offer a glimpse into Dutch traditions and provide endless entertainment for all ages. Explore the bustling city squares where children delight in "Sjoelen" (shuffleboard) competitions, or join in the friendly "Egg-and-Spoon Race" races that fill the streets with laughter.

Whether you're trying your hand at "Koningsspel" (King's Game) or cheering on participants in the "Blikgooien" (tin can throwing) contest, these activities add an extra layer of fun and nostalgia to your King's Day experience. A lot of dutch people did partake into these games when they were children. Don't miss the chance to partake in these cherished traditions and create unforgettable memories of this vibrant Dutch holiday.

Music Events and Kingsland Festival

Throughout King's day there'll be various events: Loveland van Oranje, Oranjebloesem (orange blossom) and also Kingsland.

For those seeking an all-encompassing party experience, Kingsland Festival is a must-visit. This music extravaganza features top-notch DJs, live performances, and a buzzing atmosphere that keeps the party going well into the night.

This year Kingsland Amsterdam promises to be one of the more complete kings day activities with lots of people who wear orange enjoying this spectacular music festival on the national holiday. If you're interested, don't miss the opportunity and check out the lineup!

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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam During King's Day

Nestled amidst the vibrant energy of King's Day in Amsterdam, Coffeeshop Relax invites you to unwind and indulge in a moment of respite during the festivities. As the city bursts with orange-clad revelers and lively celebrations, our cozy haven offers a tranquil escape for those seeking some wind-down time amidst all the partying. Come visit us during or after King's Day in one of our locations.