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Spice up this Halloween with some great cannabis strains

October is in the sign of Halloween, and people are getting hyped up for this holiday, even those who don’t celebrate it religiously. Halloween is probably the most exciting holiday during fall, and preparing for it can be just as fun as the night itself.  

Besides the ornaments, candies and cakes, spooky stories, scary films, and creepy costumes, people also get excited for the theme parties that are traditionally organized on the night of October 31.

If you are one of those who like to stay up all night scaring people and need something to keep you awake and energized, here are few fantastic cannabis strains that will make your Halloween experience extra fun this year!

  1. Gelato is a real powerhouse that tastes amazing; it is sweet, fresh, and is considered to be a real cure for mental problems. Gelato provides both a relaxed and euphoric effect, and it also can give you a boost on a productive and creative level, which is very helpful for when you need inspiration for your Halloween costume!
  2. Critical Mass is relatively high in THC content, so most often than not, users report enhanced creativity and focus, which can help you with the creative aspect of Halloween. They report a clear head and more room for new ideas. The CBD content of Critical Mass is also higher than average; it reduces pain and stress complaints. It also suppresses depressive feelings, perfect for people who suffer from social anxiety to relax before a long night of socializing and having fun.
  3. The CBD strain contains no THC, which makes it perfect for any time of the day. If you need something to calm your nerves and prepare you for long hours of creativity, this strain is for you. Users report high mental stimulation and inspiration, while also reporting an enhanced feeling of cheerfulness and happiness, perfect for partying on Halloween nights.
  4. Strawberry Banana Kush is a potent strain for experienced smokers and is perfect for Halloween nights. It is famous for its sweet taste and high THC content, and users usually report feeling a mellow high with happy and cheerful feelings. If you need something to help you with creativity, social interaction, and concentration, Strawberry Banana Kush is the strain for you.
  5. Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) is a legendary cannabis strain, a Sativa-dominant with very high THC content. It offers the ultimate cerebral high, combined with feelings of euphoria and relaxation, probably perfect for long Halloween nights, filled with partying or trick-or-treating!
  6. Tutti Frutti is a Sativa-dominant and hybrid strain with a high that has a slow sneaking and euphoric effect. Users report a strong head high that stimulates the senses and stimulates the problem-solving capacity. So, if you’re dealing with creative block when it comes to planning out your Halloween costume or Halloween decorating, this is a strain that might help you. Plus, Tutti Frutti will relax your muscles and make your stress disappear.