Written by Steven
2 min min read

Last week it was party time again, the Highlife Cup 2023 took place in Amsterdam again. This year too, there was once again a great deal to make it a spectacle. And it turned out to be quite a spectacle: not only did our Biscotti win first prize American-grown in the Netherlands, our RS-11 also won second prize in the Auto-Flower category!

Wonderful results, of course we are happy with that! The evening was super organized: all together, as stoned as shrimp, but happy as children in a candy store. Everyone was tasting the toppers from all participating shops / the stands with delicious space rows. All in all, hats off to the organization!

We are really proud of these victories. This just goes to show that we deliver top quality weed. It's great to be a part of this community and we can't wait for the next party!!

If you want to know more about the prize winners, read more about the Biscotti and the RS-11 here


all together, as stoned as shrimps