Smoking weed with tobacco

In the Netherlands, most people find it quite normal: smoking a joint with tobacco. But this phenomenon is by no means considered normal everywhere. Actually, smoking cannabis in combination with tobacco is something that is especially common in Europe. Mixing tobacco with cannabis became popular in Europe because of the fact that in the past, hashish in particular were commonly smoked. To smoke hash pure, a special hash pipe was necessary. Mixing hash with tobacco in a joint, on the other hand, is a lot easier, and besides, smoking tobacco at that time was also considered perfectly normal.

The habit of smoking hash joints with tobacco helped lead to weed being smoked with tobacco as well. Thus, it has become the general standard for many people in the cannabis community to roll a joint with tobacco. However, there are other reasons why people prefer to smoke weed with tobacco rather than pure.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Combining cannabis with tobacco reduces the amount of cannabis needed to roll a joint. In addition, cannabis can be relatively expensive, and some volume of weed is required to roll a joint. Instead of using your gram of weed to roll one joint, many people prefer to spread it out over several joints.

  1. A milder high

Adding tobacco reduces the intake of the amount of active ingredient, THC. This can be attractive to people looking for a somewhat milder high. For many people it is a big step to leave out the tobacco, partly because they fear a too intense and overwhelming high.

  1. Taste

Some people, probably people who also smoke cigarettes, enjoy the taste of tobacco in their joint. There are also people who find the taste of pure cannabis too intense and unpleasant. Tastes differ!

  1. Even burning

Tobacco burns well and ensures even combustion. Tobacco in a joint also burns the weed well and evenly. However, weed on its own should also burn well. If your weed does not burn well, this can be a sign of damp weed or poor-quality weed.

Nicotine addiction

Tobacco contains nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical that affects neurotransmitters in your brain such as dopamine and norepinephrine. Nicotine is highly addictive. By combining cannabis with tobacco, it is possible to unintentionally develop a nicotine addiction. This makes it difficult to quit smoking tobacco.

What effect does tobacco have on cannabis?

Tobacco affects the experience from cannabis. Nicotine and tobacco have unique effects on the brain, and when used in combination with cannabis, tobacco seems to alter the effects of cannabis. When smoking pure cannabis, the effect is experienced as brighter and the high gives more energy and activity. In contrast, the high seems to be experienced as more sluggish and hazy if you combine cannabis with tobacco. This is because tobacco and cannabis have opposite effects. Cannabis dilates your blood vessels, while tobacco constricts them.

Moreover, when smoking a joint with tobacco, the nicotine is the active ingredient that takes effect first. The effects of cannabis usually take a little longer to take effect. This makes it seem like you are getting stoned quickly, but it is actually the nicotine that you feel working. These effects are also often described by non-tobacco smokers as dizziness or ''feeling lightheaded''.

In addition, the use of tobacco disrupts the authentic taste of cannabis. Cannabis contains various terpenes that give the plant its unique taste and smell. This is also the reason why there are countless different strains of cannabis, which differ not only in effect and cannabinoid content, but also in taste and smell. Unlike tobacco, which generally always tastes about the same and contains no carefully cultivated aromas.

Is smoking pure weed healthier than smoking with tobacco?

Smoking, whether burning tobacco or weed, is harmful to lung health because of the harmful substances released when burned. Both burned marijuana and tobacco contain toxins, such as carbon particles, tar and benzene, which can be harmful to the lungs.

However, there are significant differences between pot smoke and tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4 thousand chemicals, at least 40 of which are carcinogenic. Many of these substances are highly toxic and are added to make cigarettes more addictive, such as extra nicotine.

Unlike tobacco, weed is a natural product to which no substances are added. Moreover, cannabis smoke contains cannabinoids, such as THC, which interact with our endocannabinoid system and can promote health. In some cases, certain cannabinoids have been shown to prevent cancer, the opposite of what tobacco does.

Alternatives to tobacco in your joint

Don't want to smoke your weed pure but don't want to smoke tobacco either? Or would you like to smoke hash in a joint but no longer use tobacco? Then it's a good idea to start looking at what alternatives exist to replace tobacco.

    1. Herbs (or herbal blends)

There are different herbs and herbal blends on the market that can be used as a substitute for tobacco in your joint. If you are going to look into these types of tobacco substitutes, look carefully at what effects and flavors the different herbs can give. Try out several varieties to see which blend you like smoking the best.

Examples of herbs or herbal blends are:

  • Damiana
  • Rosemary
  • Greengo
  • Sage
  • Hops

    2. CBD cannabis

Besides the well-known weed with the psychoactive substance THC, there is also CBD weed. CBD weed typically contains between 5 to 20% CBD and little to no THC. CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is known for its versatile medicinal properties. However, CBD does not get you high or stoned. 

CBD cannabis can be a good tobacco substitute for people who like to smoke pure but do not want to ingest too high concentrations of THC. In addition, it is often said that CBD cannabis can provide a more balanced high and reduced feelings of paranoia. So, it may make you feel a little more relaxed.

   3. Industrial hemp

This refers to a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant grown specifically for industrial use. Unlike regular cannabis which also comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, industrial hemp contains little to no THC. Among numerous other uses, industrial hemp can also be used as a tobacco substitute. One well-known company that sells industrial hemp as a tobacco substitute is Kemph.

Smoking hash without tobacco

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, hash is a typical product that is commonly smoked in combination with tobacco. However, there are other ways to smoke hash without the need for tobacco. The best way to smoke hash in a joint without tobacco is to use a good tobacco substitute. For this, see the previous paragraph!

It is also possible to smoke hash pure in a pipe or bong. When using a pipe or bong, you do need to use a screen, if it is not already built in by default. Break your hashies up into small pieces, place some hash in the bowl and light it with a regular lighter (not a gas burner). When you see a small flame, blow it out, similar to lighting incense. When it continues to glow, much like a coal, you can inhale the hash smoke. Although not necessarily necessary, you can choose to combine your hash with some weed. Start with a layer of weed on the bottom of the bowl so the hash can't fall through. Then sprinkle some crushed hash over the weed.

Another common way to smoke hash is through a bong. To smoke hash with a bong you first must break it up into small pieces. Then you place the hash on top of the bowl and place a red-hot coal on top of the hash.


For many, tobacco and cannabis will always be a close marriage. However, since the government has banned smoking tobacco in café’s and such, coffee shops have had to go along with it: you are no longer allowed to smoke tobacco inside anywhere, including coffee shops. With that, a historical habit is suddenly banned in coffee shops and people must start looking for alternatives. It is a bitter pill for many, but in the end, it is better for everyone to say goodbye to tobacco.

We recommend that you smoke your weed pure, which is better for your high as well as your health. If you smoke weed pure, you will eventually feel less need to smoke a lot. This is partly because you are no longer ingesting nicotine and therefore you will not develop an addiction, and partly because you will be more satisfied with the effect of the pure weed. Moreover, you will inhale far fewer harmful substances, for which your lungs will thank you.

In addition, if you smoke weed pure you will really taste the aromas that weed has to offer! Don't like the taste? Then you may have bought the wrong weed for you! Ask Coffeeshop Relax about the possibilities.

This blog was written by Open Your Mind, a Dutch company in the cannabis industry focused on creating unique cannabis accessories. By sharing valuable knowledge and making high quality products, we try to break negative stereotypes about cannabis. Check out our website here.