Written by Bernard

When you visit an Amsterdam coffeeshop for the first time, there are high chances that you will get some things wrong. For a pleasant experience there, you must take care of some particular things. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are not the typical cafes or coffee shops. In fact, these are the places where people go to get high. These coffeshops are famous for what they serve.

Are you planning to visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam soon? You should know what to expect and what not to expect there. Here, we are listing the things that will help you have an amazing experience there. These tips are much needed for all the first time visitors.

Coffee Shops in Amsterdam are Not Cafes
People who visit Amsterdam and its coffeeshops for the first time generally get confused by this whole concept. You should know that a selling place of cannabis products which is licensed is known as a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. However, these coffeeshops do not offer alcohol. It is a rule that you can only sell one of the two in a place – cannabis products or alcohol.

Go Through the Menu and Ask Your Queries
Each coffee shop offers a menu to their customers. You will see a menu kept on tables or in the corner of stalls. These menus have the list of all the drugs provided in the place. You should go through this menu carefully and only then make a decision to order anything.

If you do not have much knowledge about the products that are offered, then you must ask a waiter. Do not make the mistake of ordering anything just because the name sounds funny or interesting to you. Ask the waiter to recommend what is appropriate for you.

Only Buy the Quantity that is Needed
Many of the first time visitors make this mistake of buying a lot of the product. Keep in mind that the cannabis products provided in the Amsterdam coffeeshops are stronger than the typical drugs. Therefore, it is best to think about the quantity of the product you need before ordering it. Because buying more than you need will end up in wastage only.

Do Not Underestimate the After-effects
Even when you have already tried cannabis products before, you still need to a lot careful while selecting what to order in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Reason being all the drugs offered here are quite stronger. If you are new this whole experience of getting high or taking drugs, you should rush for it.

The wise choice is to acquire a little knowledge about the products first. Ask the waiters about the things served and what their after-effects are supposed to be. Do not shy from asking questions about the cannabis product you want to order and consume.

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