Can Cannabis Really Help Men’s Fertility?

The world is slowly but surely learning about cannabis's superpowers. It's incredible health benefits have been scientifically proven over and over again. Scientists are continuously working on establishing that cannabis is beneficial in so many different medical cases. Fortunately enough, we see that the world of medicine is starting to open its doors for medical marijuana.

Cannabis has shown excellent effects for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, as well as panic attacks. It has also helped people experiencing muscle pain, chemotherapy side-effects, and all sorts of medical issues.

And that's not all. Cannabis is now considered to be a potential help for men who struggle with fertility. So what is the science behind it? There are few studies that show some surprisingly positive results.

A recent study revealed that men who medicate with cannabis had better chances of bearing children with their female partners. The study, which involved studying several hundred couples who were engaging in in vitro fertilization treatments, had surprising results for the researchers from the Boston Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

The study showed that the male subjects who reported medicating with cannabis were found to have higher sperm counts compared to those who never used it.

What was really surprising is the fact that over 50% of women who participated in the study and had reported medicating with cannabis during fertility treatments had a pregnancy loss. In comparison, 26% of those who used it in the past or never did had better chances of keeping the pregnancy.

Still, some researchers believe that this is purely coincidental, as the number of women in the study who were current cannabis users had been pretty low.

The hope, however, comes from some earlier studies as well. For example, for another study, researchers analyzed semen samples and health surveys taken from over 650 men, most of whom were white, had a college education, and a median age of 36.

The surveys took participants' present and past drug use as well as other lifestyle factors into account, and the results showed that 50% of the men used to medicate with cannabis sometime in the past, while just 11% were current users.

The researchers found that cannabis consumers had more likelihood of higher sperm concentrations and counts, two essential metrics in determining fertility, compared to men who never had any experience with cannabis. Additionally, they also had less of a specific hormone that has been associated with fertility.

But, even in this case, the researchers were surprised to find out that men who used to medicate with cannabis had shown a slightly higher sperm count compared to current cannabis users.

What's important to remember is that scientists have yet to discover new things, but so far, their findings point to positive results when it comes to cannabis for men's fertility.