What is vaping?

Vaping cannabis is the healthiest way to consume cannabis while smoking. Thanks to the adjustable temperature of a vape, you can decide for yourself which effects you want to get from your cannabis. The difference between smoking weed and vaping weed is in the temperature at which it happens. A burning cannabis joint is about 230℃ (450°F). By heating the weed, the cannabis becomes psychoactive. The psychoactive component of cannabis is THC. THC can be divided into THC and THC(a). By heating cannabis above ~160℃/320°F, the non-psychoactive THC(a) is converted into psychoactive THC, a process also known as “decarbocylation”. At 230℃ degrees, the temperature of a burning joint is a lot higher than necessary for converting THC(a) to THC. This burns the material, which means that you smoke other products in addition to THC, such as tar.

The benefits of vaping

When vaping, you usually set the vape between 160 and 180℃. Between these temperatures, the THC(a) is converted into THC, without reaching such a high temperature that the material itself burns. As a result, you do get the THC while vaping, but not the tar and other harmful substances.

In addition, the different components of cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, etc.) have a different combustion temperature. By setting the vape to a precise number of degrees, you can decide for yourself which substances, with the associated effects, you want to vape. The lower combustion temperature of the vape also ensures that the flavor profile of the cannabis comes out perfectly. So you have a better taste experience in no other way than when you vaped. Are you curious about the different temperatures and their effects? We have made an overview for you here .

Another advantage of vaping is that it is very efficient. Because the weed actually gets too hot while smoking a joint, you also burn a lot of substances before they can be inhaled. For example, you only inhale 35% of the maximum attainable THC percentage of a cannabis strain on average. This is a lot higher when vaping weed, namely around 90%. You can therefore get on average twice as much effect from the vaped cannabis than if you smoke the same amount of cannabis.

Because the cannabis does not burn in the vape, the vaped plant remains remain in the vape. These residues still contain a small amount of THC. A final advantage of vaping is that you can reuse all your vaped cannabis to make a space cake.