Which substance is released at which temperature?

You can set a cannabis vape to different temperatures. Cannabis contains different substances that are released at different temperatures. By setting your vape to the right temperature, you can choose which substances you will and will not ingest. This makes vaping unique because, for example, you can choose to smoke just the THC(a), without ingesting any of the other components contained in cannabis. Are you curious about which temperatures activate which substances? We have prepared a short overview for you below:

  • 120°C/248°F - THCA
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti epilepsy
  • 130°C/266°F - CBDA
    • Antibacterial
    • Against fungus
  • 155°C/311°F - THC (Delta 9)
    • Euphoric and calming effects
    • Promotes appetite
  • 165°C/329°F - CBD
    • Analgesic
    • calming
  • 175°C/347°F - THC (Delta 8)
    • Similar to Delta 9 THC, slightly less psychoactive
    • Good for the nervous system
  • 185°C/365°F - CBN
    • Breaks down THC
    • Has a calming effect
  • 195°C/383°F - CBE
  • 205°C/401°F - Benzene
    • From this temperature, harmful substances are released
    • Recommended to keep the vape below this temperature
  • 220°C/428°F - THCV & CBC
    • THCV blocks the absorption of THC
    • CBC is anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory


175°C/347°F is the perfect temperature to get the psychoactive out of cannabis