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The use of cannabis is undoubtedly still considered to be a questionable thing. Sadly, this is the case even though science has been doing its job for years to provide enough information and proof of the amazing positive effects of medical cannabis and finally break the stigma around this plant! 

Most countries worldwide still consider the cannabis plant as one of the most controversial, but things are different in Amsterdam. Cannabis marks a long history in the Netherlands, making it a considerable part of its culture, and the Dutch law is the main reason Amsterdam is known as "The city of Freedom."

It undoubtedly makes this city one of the most popular destinations for tourists and even people who want to move to a better place. 

Have you ever wondered how this began? 

Cannabis was decriminalized in Amsterdam back in the 1970s. Today, however, it's not entirely legalized, but it is being tolerated by the government, which has created a perfect climate for opening coffeeshops throughout the country. 

These places are shops where customers can buy and consume cannabis, but to this day, they still operate on the law's margins. There are just so many of them that coffeeshops have even made this city famous for it. 

Amsterdam is a home of 200 certified coffeeshops. 

The first coffeeshop to open in Amsterdam was "Mellow Yellow," founded back in 1972 when the Netherlands started to become more tolerant of cannabis, but still not entirely legal. Coffeeshop owners now had to start thinking of new, creative ways to sell their products. They had to make the transactions in secret and completely hide the primary income source for the business.

The police would still go and raid these places, but fortunately, they were never able to find any substantial evidence of criminal activity, and therefore they never had a reason to close them down. 

A few years later, the Dutch government decriminalized cannabis under the new policy that was created to ease problems associated with narcotics, yet it didn't mean it became utterly legal. Selling cannabis was still considered a criminal offense, but dealers could avoid prosecution so long as they followed specific regulations.

Fortunately, today locals and tourists can freely enjoy their favorite cannabis products in the designated smoking rooms in the coffeeshops. They can also have a great time while knowing exactly what they are purchasing, having insight into the lab results of many products that are being sold in the coffeeshops. 

The coffeshops usually employ qualified and well-informed staff that is always ready to help customers with anything that is cannabis-related. Coffeeshops don't serve alcohol, but some have vibrant food menus instead. All in all, coffeeshops in Amsterdam today are known for their relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy a chill and safe kind of fun!